Mens begging for good pussy

I hate when you fuck a person one time and that man begging for your pussy again and again mens that is a turn off when you constantly asking a woman when is yall going to have sex again and asking for your pussy every day like when we gone fuck again a woman don’t want to hear that shit mens let her just give you the pussy without you asking FATPUSSYRED just saying stop begging for good pussy that’s a turn off.


Liquor and sex

Now tell me when you intoxicated it’s the best fucking sex ever other than the one you love. My juices always flowing different when I’m intoxicated seems like I fuck like a Pornstar but everyone is different FFATPUSSYRED loves liquor and sex with the one she love on that drink he get all this pussy on him in a intoxicated way.


You can meet a guy everything about him you like from his mind thinking how he dress and talk and treat you like a queen.Soon as you digging him and decide to give him some pussy when he pull his pants down he only has a dick head I’m thinking where is the rest of his dick at mens like that usually want to fuck doggy style waste of my fucking time.NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER